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Product Name: Ammonium Bicarbonate Food Grade
CAS No: 1066-33-7
Product Type: Inorganic Chemicals -> Inorganic salts
Product spec: 99.5%min
Packing: 25kg net bag
Place Of Supplier: China
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Quantity: Inquire
Valid Period: 2018-08-02
Description: Ammonium Bicarbonate Formula: NH4HCO3 CAS No.: 1066-33-7 Character: Colourless , tilted square crystal or odd tilted crystal, white crystal powder. Relative density 1.58. Melting point 107.5 centigrade. Easy to dissolve in water , the aqueous solution is alkalescence , 0.08% aqueous solution PH 7.8. Dissolve in glycerin, has hygroscopic property, after moisture absorption and damp give out stimulating ammonia smell, dryness state without ammonia smell. Easy to efflorescence in air. Usage: Be used as high-grade food fermentation agent. Share with baking soda be used as bread, biscuit, battercake etc leavening agent materials, also be used as foaming powder juice raw material. And be used for green vegetable , bamboo shoot etc scald bleaching, medicine and reagent. Specification: Ammonium Bicarbonate Food Grade Total alkali (NH4HCO3) 99.2%~101.0% Chloride Cl 0.003% max sulfate 0.007% max Arsenic As 0.0002% max Heavy metal Pb 0.0005% max Residue 0.008% max Ammonium Bicarbonate Industrial Grade Total Alkali(NH4HCO3) 99.2% - 101% Chloride Cl 0.007% max Sulfide S 0.0002% max Sulfate 0.007% max Residue 0.008% max Arsenic As 0.0002% max Heavy Metal Pb 0.0005% max Fe 0.002% max Package: 25kgs/50kgs plastic weaving bag Capacity of loading: 25MT/1X20'' FCL(non-palletized) 20MT/1X20'' FCL(palletized)
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